Moving email to a folder (midst search) is not working

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I'm experiencing a strange phenomenon, thought to share, and inquire if anyone else is having this problem (and if MS is working on a solution).


This occurs while searching for emails within (not the Outlook/Outlook365 client, but an actual email account, as viewed though a web browser at the website).


I'll search for an item, find it in the search, and am unable to then move that item to a folder.

I've tried multiple ways to do it and each one has failed.


If I "right click" and try to move it through the pop-up menu, it will fail.


If I try to move it by using the pull-down menus along the top of the online webmail client, it fails.


If I try and actually drag n' drop the email into a folder, it fails.


Strangely, I've discovered two things:


1 - If I try to move something otherwise (that is, if I try to move something that hasn't been searched for and is not populating through email search results) the selected email can be moved without a problem.

2 - If I search for an email using the iOS Outlook app, and try to move that item via my iPhone, it will move without a problem.


So this seems to be an issue that is occurring through a web browser.


Anyone at Microsoft aware of this problem? Anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions on how to fix it?


Thank you and hope everyone is safe n' well!

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