Moved subfolder from original location

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Hi Everyone,


A user within the company has managed to move a subfolder into an area that they cannot seem to remember.


Is there a function or a tracking availability option within outlook or O365 that allows you to view a sort of previous version?



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@Dwayne05 i don't recall folder moves being audited/logged in office 365, only message moves, but you need it enabled before the move.  See for more information. 


Can the user search for a message in the folder? If you can find a message in that folder, you can use Advanced find to show you were the folder is.  Steps are here: - there is a link to a macro that can find folders by name if the user can't find a message in the folder. 

Thank you Diane, I've just had a look at the audit logs and I can see that the user had made the folder a subfolder in a new location within outlook, the audit logs helped.@Diane Poremsky