Monitoring multiple individual performance from on inbox

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Hello. I'm looking for a whole business solution and need some product advice.
To give you an example. We use a main Outlook inbox for customers contact our business with customer service based queries daily. This inbox is monitored/worked/responded by a number of different people.
Is there a method/add on offered to be able to show me how many emails each individuals has sent from that inbox. To be able to see as granular as month, week, day and hour. 
I have looked online but can't seem to find a solution.
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What kind of mailbox are we talking about and have you enabled auditing? Also, how are users accessing it and sending the messages? Generally speaking, Send As and Send on behalf of access is audited, with the senders details recorded, logging in directly and sending a message is not.

@Vasil Michev Thanks for getting back to me.

I know very little about outlook. However employees are just accessing an inbox and responding to emails directly. I don't know if that helps. However I haven't looked a the enable auditing part of your comment. Do you believe it could be a resolution.