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We're using Outlook 2016 and finding Modern Attachments very useful, however we're finding a challenge in that when you attach a file from OneDrive, the default sharing is "Organization can Edit" where as we want it too be "Recipients can Edit". Does anyone know how to change this?


Organization can edit being the default is seriously going to limit adoption of the Modern Attachments. If a file is in OneDrive rather a Team Site that generally means people don't want everyone to see it, with Delve being available there's a serious risk of confidential information being inadvertently shared.


Apologies if this should be in a different group, I wasn't sure if it was Office 365, Exchange Online,  OneDrive or Outlook I should post this in!



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It should respect the default set in the ODFB admin center. We discussed this on the network previously, run a search :)

Great thanks, found the setting.


I searched the network but most of the articles I found were people complaining about Modern Attachments when it first rolled out!