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I have numerous subfolder unread mail notifications after syncing with my work account on the mobile app. I want to be able to group all of the unread emails like I can do on the desktop version versus scanning through each subfolder and then scanning through numerous emails just to find the bold print unread messages. Is there a way to do this? Seems silly that the desktop functionality is either not there or too hard to find in order to read ALL unread messages not in the main inbox.



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Hi @ChadB75 


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Currently, the Search Folder functionality that stores reusable search results like unread messages in a designated folder is not available for OWA or mobile. 


Several users have added this suggestion to the Microsoft feedback portal.   I will post the link so you can add your request or vote on others.

Advanced Search Folders as Favorites (i.e., All Unread & Flagged) · Community (


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