Missing Reply separator and cannot get paragraph symbol to stay gone.

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We had an issue with body of emails disappearing 2 days ago for one user and found a fix for that but since they have had two issues. 

The paragraph symbol keeps appearing even after de-selecting it in  Format Text, in the ribbon.


Also, the default separator when replying to emails is gone and I do not see any way to return it. Her Reply and Forward settings in Options > Mail look just like mine.WrongWrongRightRight

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Sad that there's been no reply to this as my copy of Outlook has just started doing the same thing. Replies have started with a few lines and horizontal rule exactly as you show for more years than I care to remember. Then today, gone. No setting changed. No advice on MS about it, just gone.

I have to admit to being fed-up with this kind of thing with MS. Things just 'randomly' change. Application defaults change (to MS product surprisingly!), screens go milky and the app crashes etc. Why can MS not understand that THE thing people want to most, is reliability. I do not want 'features' added that I'll never use and which give rise the milky window of app death