Missing QoL quick print on dropdown of attached files

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I am currently using the New Outlook version (I know it's beta), but I miss the feature where you can click the dropdown on an attached file and use the "Quick Print" feature that is in the selection.

Now I have just "Preview", "Save to OneDrive" and "Download". It used to be "Preview", "Quick Print" and "Download". Now I have to preview the file and then I can click "Print" in the top bar, then it opens a new window and then I have to confirm print. 

Removing the "Quick Print" feature resulted in 3 additional clicks - which I don't mind, but for some it may be frustrating, and if it's intended to update the regular Outlook to this new look, the "Quick Print" feature would be very useful.

I've attached 2 pictures, the black is the new and the white is the old version.



I  hope you re-add the feature :) 


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