missing mail in folders

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I was using the new outlook but my daily used folders were now right at the bottom of the list,which was difficult to work with. So I moved it to below the inbox but now daily folders are empty. Scanpst.exe could not repair it. Apparently, moving of folders is not yet part of the new outlook but there was no warning and now folders are empty. Ho do I recover lost info?

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The error you've encountered, can have several potential causes:

  • Outlook can sometimes experience glitches or bugs. It's possible that a glitch occurred during the folder move, which causes the contents of your daily folders to appear empty.
  • When you move folders within Outlook that can modify the data files (PST or OST files). If these files become corrupted during the move, it can result in the apparent loss of email contents. You can check over here for other solution: How to fix Outlook Data File Corruption
  • If you're using Outlook in conjunction with an Exchange server or other email services, syncing issues can occur. Sometimes, changes made in the desktop version of Outlook may not properly sync with the server, leading to discrepancies in folder contents. Check this Microsoft guide: Outlook Syncing Issue to overcome this problem
  • While attempting to move folders, there's a possibility of accidentally deleting the contents instead of moving them. This could happen if the "Delete" option was chosen instead of "Move".