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Where does Contacts pull the list of 10 Contacts displayed in the Outlook mobile app when clicking on the magnifying glass? 


I have an Android user reporting 10 random contacts, but then when clicking on the See All Contacts it displays the same list of 10 seemingly random contacts and not her list of 30-40 contacts from her O365 account.  This user has 2 personal Gmail accounts connected to the Android and 1 O365 (work) email account.  I had the user turn off contact sync for everything but her work account and remove her Gmail accounts from Outlook, but it does not display her list of contacts when clicking on See All Contacts.


User is on an Android, v9, Outlook app v 3.0.26




I've been fiddling with my iOS Outlook mobile app, adding and syncing different accounts between my work, academic, and personal accounts -- I also can't tell what 10 contacts the app decides to display, but when clicking See All Contacts, seemingly gives me whatever list I've told my phone to sync with from the iOS settings & Outlook settings.


Again, any help or guidance on determining what 10 contacts Outlook decides to display and how to force a sync to an O365 contacts list, would be greatly appreciated!

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@Dawn Sprouse 

I spoke to Microsoft Support, thru the mobile app. 

They report that the 10 contacts that initially display when you do a search are the last contacts you have sent messages to.

In my case, it is restricted to the 10 contacts I have sent messages from, from my device, across all the accounts I send from.


Related to Syncing Contacts: You have to ensure that contacts are set to sync in both places: in Settings / Accounts, and in the Outlook Settings.


For my Android user: I discovered the reason the mobile app wasn't syncing their contacts was that they had their contacts organized into subfolders, and the Microsoft Mobile App doesn't recognize subfolders at this time.  However, the Microsoft Tech Support recommended using UserVoice to request/increase vote on this type of request.


FWIW, We also found out that the Microsoft Outlook Mobile app does not support group contacts.  So, if you have a local group contact list (not a mailing list), it will not sync to your mobile device.


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