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My Outlook account does not have a ribbon.  There is no show or hide ribbon option.  Because the update a couple days ago caused problems with Outlook calendar, Microsoft has said to go to the file menu, and do things to fix the errors.  My Outlook does NOT have a file menu.  Can someone please help me with the file menu and ribbon on Outlook.  My outlook account is home and personal, not a work account. Three days ago, an update went in.  After that, the calendar and people will not load.  Errors are given.  Support says to go to the file menu, but i do not have one.  Please help

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@janbaker Hello! You've posted in the Microsoft Edge Insider Discussions space and your topic is around Outlook for Microsoft 365, so I'm moving your post. Please post Outlook questions in the Outlook space in the future. 

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Can you answer my question?  

@janbaker I'm a community manager here on the Microsoft Tech Community, but I am not a product expert. So unfortunately, I can't answer your question. Sorry about that. 


Hopefully one of the experts here will chime in soon!