Microsoft Outlook Add-in deployed via Settings - Integrated apps take a long time to be deployed

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Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all doing very well.

We are using Exchange Online in Microsoft 365.

We are deploying an administrative Outlook Add-in the "Microsoft 365 admin center" portal.

We are deploying the Add-in going to Settings - Integrated apps, but it's a taking a long time to effectively deployed to all users. We are deploying the add-in only to a group and the group has over 100 users. 

The odd thing is that when we go to Azure AD and check the properties for every user in that group, under Applications, the Add-in appears as an application deployed for every user.

Even thought it appears under Applications for each user, the Add-in is still not visible in Outlook.

Is there a way to check the progress of the deployment ? Some AZ CLI or Powershell  ?

Thank you!

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