Microsoft deleted my recovery email???

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Hello to anyone who can assist, 


I am trying to recover an aged email address of mine - I have one major problem, that email address has only one recovery contact email - a email address that I made in 2012. Now this is a problem as requesting a security code via forgotten password simply directs to an inbox on the email address - an inbox that ceased to operate in 2014!!! This means I cannot recieve the email ?! therefore cannot access that account. Can somebody help? and not just suggest to use the normal route of password recovery, that stupid process seems to deny every attempt I make even though I'm providing everything it should neeed. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated



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@Samran285  I don't think the address will help you if you have not logged into the account you are trying to recover in more than a year.


If you don't log in at least once a year, the account is inactive and purged and the only way to recover it is if you have the password - resetting the password wont work.


If you haven't accessed the Microsoft account in more than 2 years, it will be deleted (closed for good).  There are several factors that determine the closure date and older accounts may be left open for 5 or more years. But you need to know the password. 


Once closed, addresses cannot be claimed or reclaimed, or otherwise reopened.


@Samran285 I should add that Support will not be able to help - they cannot reset the password or security information. 


This warning is/was on one of the password recovery articles: 
To protect your Microsoft Account and content, sometimes we have to say No. Along with using strong passwords, encryption, security contact information and other technology to keep your content safe and secure, we have strict policies on how our advocates can help you with your account. Only you can reset your password and make security changes to your account.

@Diane Poremsky Thanks for your detailed responses. This is more or less what I've read online. Which is a real shame, the email in question was leaked in a data breach and compromised in 2017. I have been trying every few months since then to regain access via any and all methods with no luck. It would have been a quick job to recover had microsoft not removed the domain, a simple recovery email and done. But that has been out of the question so I've been perdiocally attempting the recovery process with new information I am gathering from friends/family over the past 4 years. I guess it's my fault for depending on the recovery email as my only means to get the account back if the worse did happen. Oh well. Guess there's nothing I can do.