Microsoft Bookings - Approval before confirmation

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I have been trying to figure out if it is possible to approve a booking request before the confirmation mail is sent out. I noticed the booking is confirmed automatically. Any thought would be appreciated

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Hi @AbolajiO 

Maybe the Outlook add-on FindTime would meet your needs:


Here is the link to the installation guide.

In FindTime you can choose if the meeting should be scheduled automatically or manually.

I hope this helps and regards.


@Lars365 please Upvote and Comment here to push this Bookings Approval feature request up the list:



Upvote and comment here to push this feature request to the top! We desperately need this feature.
bu özellik bir an önce eklenmelidir. yoksa bookings kullanışlı olmayacaktır.
Done, this really ought to be a basic feature.
Agreed. And it's been a year since this was written. Requesting a meeting should almost be the default!