Microsoft 365 - Microsoft Live - Microsoft Outlook Login and Password Confusion

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I am a little confused about 365/Live/Outlook logins and passwords.
I have a "Microsoft Live" account (and I have an Office Pro subscription).

Yesterday, for the first time, I created an Outlook account (never had one before as far as I know or remember)

to use as a secondary email to my default Gmail account.

(I think I properly connected Outlook to Gmail using Gmailify)

I was asked to create a username and password for Outlook.
I created a new password instead of thinking to reuse my Live password.
So, I guess that my Outlook password is different from my MS Live password. 

1) Is that the way it is supposed to be?

I actually do not see an easy way to change my password in Outlook.
I suppose that I could go into my Live account and change my password to my Outlook password. Having them the same
seems to make sense.
Is there any reason to keep them different?
Two passwords are generally safer than reusing passwords

2) Is 365 the same as Microsoft Live?
How do they "connect" to Outlook?

3) Is there any easy way to export my Gmail contacts into Outlook in case I need to use Outlook?

Thank you for any advice, tips, or help

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Hi Andrewm_328,

1. Accounts
There are two kinds of accounts:
- A “Work or school account": created by an organization's IT department.
- A “Personal account": created by an individual (or created automatically when creating a Skype or Xbox account).

2. Security
- Protect all your accounts with multifactor authentication. MFA blocks 99.9 percent of automated cyberattacks.
- Don't reuse passwords across multiple sites and services.
- Use a password manager to generate strong, unique, random passwords for you, remember them, and automatically fill them in for you.

3. Microsoft 365
With a subscription to Microsoft 365, you can get access to Office apps, the ability to install these apps on devices, cloud storage, and security/feature updates.

4. Import Gmail contacts to Outlook
Please check this link: