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Greetings all,

I have several email accounts in my Outlook - for instance, email address removed for privacy reasons , email address removed for privacy reasons and email address removed for privacy reasons   

The Icloud account is my default account.

When I send a message in Outlook from my icloud account, it will be saved in the icloud sent emails folder. Likewise, when I send a message from my rnzys account, it will be saved in the rnzys sent emails folder.

So far so good...However...


When I send a document from Word or Excel using the email button, even if I send it from my icloud email account, the message will save in the rnzys sent messages folder.


I can't find where I canchange the settings so the message saves in the right folder.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!







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Which data file is the default data file? That determines the account for email merge - would expect the same for this, although haven't tested it (yet).

@Diane_Poremsky_MVP the default data file is the RNZYS one, which is a Microsoft exchange email address. But outlook won’t let me change it to the iCloud account. I get an error message saying that the file is not the right format (pst rather than ost) even though it shows as an ost file. 
many ideas appreciated!