MessageReadCommandSurface not working in outlook web

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Hi, I am creating an Outlook add in with an XML manifest and have an ExtensionPoint element of type 

MessageReadCommandSurface. When I run the add in, it works well in the Outlook desktop app on Windows and I see the button in the ribbon as expected, however the add in and button does not appear when I log in to Outlook web. I can see that the add in is installed though.
Is the MessageReadCommandSurface extension point supported in Outlook web? 
As a side note, the MessageComposeCommandSurface extension point seems to work fine.
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@nevpurple We have the same problem. In the desktop app you can see our button in the ribbon on both the MessageReadCommandSurface and MessageComposeCommandSurface extension points but in the OWA I only can see it on the MessageComposeCommandSurface. 

Still same issue. 
Could you solve your Problem?