Merging calendars?

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The goal is to for the team leader to share their calendar with us, so we know of their availability. We know we can add an outlook calendar and view the meetings, but there are some difficulties. Here are some of the points.

-Team leader uses apple calendar. They started to try using outlook for mac. How do we sync apple calendar to outlook? 

-Team leader also has two outlook calendars (from two different institutions). This means that some invited meetings are on one calendar, and other meetings are on the second calendar. --> how to merge these so that they can share this merged calendar with the rest of the group?


Basically, three calendars that need to all sync up and be shared with the rest. Possible? Or is there a simpler way of doing things?

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@KenAd2050 I'm guessing that "get a new team leader" is not the answer you are looking for. I would publish each individual calendar and share the links with those who need to see it. If they are outside of your organization, you will not be able to assign editing permissions, but that is probably a good thing. If you use MS Teams, you can also subscribe to all of those calendars and see what the team leader is doing at any given time. Good luck!