Meeting title appears differently to Outlook users

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Hello! I own a meeting series of about 150 people. I have a placeholder invite for the meeting and before each month's instance, I update the title of the meeting to be more descriptive of the topic that will be covered that month. 


The placeholder is "Quality Monitoring Technician's Forum (QMTF) Meeting"


When I update the meeting title with the topic of the month, I usually update as such "QMTF: Topic of the month"


Some staff members that receive the updated outlook see this on their calendar, as I intended:




Other people who receive the invite see this: 




In essence, some people see "QMTF: Topic". Others see just "Topic" and I would like everyone to see the former. Individuals internal and external to my organization are invited to these meetings. All the external individuals are from one organization and some of them see one variation and some see the other. 


Any idea as to why this is happening and more importantly, how to fix it? Thank you!


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