Meeting Response update issue

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 we are unable find the root clause one of our user facing issue. anyone can help


user sending Meeting request to multiple participants (Internal). If participants just "accept the meeting"response update taking user calendar (Web as well as outlook Calendar)

If participant select “Accept and send response now “ response updating in user calendar instantly. Anyone idea about this issue 




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Hi Suraj, good to hear from you. 

not sure what your query is exactly but this is how the current calendar response works:

on desktop/mobile calendars if you respond to a diary appt with 'yes and send response' (I may not have the wording quite correct), the person who created the diary appt gets an email saying you will attend.


If you reply 'yes, but DONT respond' - no body knows any flipping thing, except you!!! 


I have no idea why anyone thought that was a sensible interpretation but MS Tech seem to be out of touch with anyone creating an appt! 


So, the person creating the appt DOESNT know you are attending; in their tracker it lists you and having not responded! Even though you think you have! 


You think you have responded YES and it will show in their tracker but they wont get an annoying email. Think again, my friend! 


Now, this has taken about 2yrs to fix - and apparently is it fixed for web-based application (presume going through office365) but not desktop. A desktop fix is allegedly (still) on the way - BUT... we have to OPT IN to it!!! MS Tech cant just make it standard. 


Thats it. I suspect they are dragging their heels for Windows 11... 


Be well, take care. Hope this answers your query. if not ping me back. Lucien



@Lucien Riviere  thank your for your reply, and thanks

for understanding me. 

i got the point

It is so frustrating that Microsoft still hasn't fixed the desktop Outlook which is the original app. This has been an issue for years and there are plenty of blogs complaining about it but Microsoft is dragging their feet...