Meeting reminders change when moving meeting date

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Anyone else have this issue, we use Office365 so latest version of Office etc


To recap what I see:

  1. I have a recurring meeting set up with a reminder for 15 minute.
  2. The customer asked to push the meeting to the same time the following week, so I open the meeting (just this occurrence), change the date to the next week and send the update.
  3. No one joined the meeting because the reminder was set to NONE.

Missing an important meeting is bad and we depend on this technology to work as expected.


Any ideas?

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@Peter Longley Hi there, is this happening for all recurring meetings? Just tried to reproduce the behavior but it's working as it should (using O365 ProPlus 2003 build .20466).

@ChristianBergstrom I have the same problem.  Steps to reproduce:

Create a (for example recurring) meeting.  The meeting(s) come and go.  You then move the meeting (including any recurrences) to a future time.  The new meeting (or series) will have reminders for me, but not for the other attendees.