Meeting organizer calendar intermittently drops meeting after delegate sends invite

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I'm revisiting an issue with delegate-managed scheduling in M365 Outlook that wasn't resolved, and looking to confirm whether or not the issue was with EXO Calendar Assistant. Want to know if anyone has encountered this. Below is the scenario:

A calendar delegate sends a new or updated invite, and then the organizer's copy of the meeting drops from their calendar, while attendees retain their copies. A new meeting then has to be created, the attendees delete the original meeting, and accept the new invite. While intermittent, this only happens under these conditions:

- The invite is managed by the calendar delegate
- The delegate is using Outlook (not OWA)
- The appointment draft has not yet cleared from the delegate's Drafts folder upon clicking Send

The organization's C-level relied heavily on their executive admins for scheduling. From time to time, the above would happen, and executives would miss meetings. Some workarounds I found were to turn off the Save Draft option in Outlook, or switch to OWA for delegate-managed scheduling. There was also converting to Graph-based O365 shared calendars. However C-level and their admins resisted the smallest change to their hectic workflow processes.

It has been a long while since I encountered this, but I recall learning the issue was found to be with EXO Calendar Assistant and how it interacts with Outlook local client when handling meeting drafts opened by delegates. A process similar to Office managing co-authoring of shared docs in Word or Excel. Can anyone confirm or correct this?

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