Meeting invite doesn't show on Calendar unless Accepted

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Delegate of an exec claims when they get a meeting invite, for the exec, it does not show on his Calendar as Tentative. If the Accept the meeting, then it shows on the Calendar as Accepted. Seems to skip the Tentative stage. This is what is claimed. I tested this and it should go on the Calendar as Tentative as soon as the meeting invite hits the Inbox of the Delegate without doing anything. Outlook 2016 in cached mode. I am thinking some kind of OST problem on either or both of their Outlook clients. This is not a backend issue and it did work at one time, but now doesn't. Any suggestions? Was thinking of switching them to online mode. OST files are huge. 

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Hi @MikeM1220,

you can try (for start):

1. OST File:
As you mentioned, the OST file could be causing the issue. Corrupted or oversized OST files can lead to synchronization problems with the Exchange server. You might want to consider repairing the OST file or creating a new one.
Repair Outlook Data Files (.pst and .ost) - Microsoft Support

2. Outlook Profile:
Another possibility could be a problem with the Outlook profile. Creating a new Outlook profile (deleting the old one) and setting it up again might help.
Create an Outlook profile - Microsoft Support

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Leon Pavesic

Not an OST problem. Found out both are in online mode. When I make the EA a Delegate of my mailbox, it works just fine. When the EA sends a meeting directly to the Exec, it puts it on his Calendar as tentative like it should. It's only when someone else sends a meeting invite to the Exec which goes to the Delegate, it doesn't put it on his Calendar. Tell me that is not screwed up!!