Manage Multiple Shared Mailboxes From 1 Data File

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Hi there,


I am setting up office for a business where a couple of employees need to manage upwards of 6 shared mailboxes.


Ideally, the users would like to manage the shared mailboxes from the one data file.  Then when they click reply, the from email is the shared mailbox email.  NOT the persons primary email or the primary email with the "sent on behalf of" message. 


The users are on the office 365 business premium subscription. The users have been given full access to the shared mailboxes through the delegation settings. No other settings have been configured or changed.  Also, users have the latest installation of outlook on their machines.  


When I add the users primary email account to outlook, all the shared mailboxes that the user has been given permission to, are added as separate data files automatically.  This setup gets cumbersome as they have to continually swap between data files.  The benefit of this situation though, is that when the user hits reply, the email is sent from the correct email as required. 


I tried to emulate the one data file concept by moving a copy of the emails to the primary mailbox.  But the problem is that when the user hits reply, the from email is always the primary email and not the email that the message was sent to (or the shared mailbox email). 


Can anyone please advise how to setup outlook, or point me in a tutorial, that shows how to set this up.  Are there any settings in the exchange admin that i am missing.  Thanks in advance.




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When you add the email account in Outlook profile, all full access permission aquired accounts will be automapped. This will not create data file, Data file is where the email is saved on your computer locally. Assuming you meant to say they are showing as different accounts under his main account in Outlook, in left side folder pane. Anyways you can acheive what you want by having reply to the email but changing the from address.


While replying or sending through Outlook: Select Options --> Show From. change this from primary account to shared mailbox account.


  1. In order to acheive above you must have Full access + SendAs permissions.

Apply SendAs permissions from EAC--> mailboxes -->select mbx and go to mailbox delegation.