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Is het possible to make the following setting (translated):


Options/E-mail/Outlook windows/reading window/Mark item as read when selectoin gets changed

...only active for a specific inbox? Right now it is active on everything.


The case is that there is a specific shared inbox that relies un the unread mark. Sometimes people read it by accident and it gets unintentionally marked as read. This setting makes it a lot harde to do this by accident, but since it works on all inboxes, it is not useable.

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Hi @tbenschop,

unfortunately, the specified configuration you mentioned is a universal setting in Outlook, affecting all inboxes. It cannot be customized for a particular inbox.

An alternative approach is to use the "Unread" mail view in Outlook. This view exclusively displays unread messages, ensuring that even if a message is unintentionally marked as read, it remains visible in the "All" mail view.

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