Make a meeting room visible to select users or group

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My company is looking to introduce a new meeting room in Outlook (Office 365).  

The meeting room should only be bookable by around 20 individuals.  When one of these individuals requests the room it should be automatically accepted.  Anyone not on this list should automatically be denied access.


We also want the same meeting room to only be visible on the address list for those 20 individuals.  We do not want it to be visible on the address book for anyone who is not the specific 20 individuals.

From what I've seen, it's possible to hide the room entirely, but it still needs to be visible and selectable as a room to book, to those granted access.


I've not seen a video / forum post where both topics are covered together.  I've only ever seen the topics covered separately.


Please can someone help?  Any help will be much appreciated.


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