Mailto URIs for Outlook Web App not working

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Hi all,


I have been trying to get mailto links working correctly with OWA but to no success. For it to work, I need to know how to "deeplink" into a new OWA email draft.


I previously used the following, but it stopped working around a week ago: address removed ...


I've tried these other patterns, but to no success: address removed for privacy reasons address removed for privacy reasons

Does anyone know what the schema is for outlook's deeplinking to create an email draft?


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Sounds like you've already tried a bunch of stuff. I did some searching around and it seems like sometimes changes are made to the way these things work, which might explain why your old link isn't working anymore.
Have you tried using a different browser? Sometimes that can make a difference.
Thanks. Yeah I have tried other browsers but the issue remains.

Following this link ( does open a draft email, but none of the mailto parameters (to, cc, bcc, subject, body) carry over to the draft email, which is essentially blank.