MailItem.BillingInformation property (Outlook) - Number of characters that can be accomodated

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Hi All,


 I am using this property (MailItem.BillingInformation) to store values of file id's that can be populated to send email (and insert email information (in html format) data to all the file ID's selected to the database).


Could someone advise the character limit of values that i can store in this property or if there is any other MailItem property that can store large values (for example 3000 or 5000 characters)?


example of values stored in BillingInformation MailItem property:

2705494,2770070,2814181,2706405,2723845,2756870,2759432,2770912,2791322,2789763,2792099,2812527,2814280,2750229,2456876,2508184...n (n number based on how many files are selected).


Thanks in Advance


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