Mac New Outlook SMTP account settings

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As per subject; I need to use SMTP server which is other than my IMAP incoming server, thus the login and password are different among those. The account and password of the SMTP in NEW OUTLOOK sever can't be change, whilst it is stick on the IMAP's account settings. 

Device and software informations

- Mac Outlook 16.57 (22011101)

- Mac OS 12.1 on Mac Mini M1

- Mac OS 11.3 on MacBook Pro Mid 2015 15" Retina


Would someone or Microsoft advise? Thanks


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@Hehoheho having the same problem here too. any solutions yet?

@IanC1178 I found that issue is resolved in recent updates. Just try to change the desired sever settings. The settings seem to be unchanged as you would see it still shows the default one. But it actually works.