Looking for a description of all the icons shown in the icon column in Outlook mail views

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Outlook is using some new icons in the icon column that I cannot find information on.  Can anyone tell me where to find a current description of the icons used in Outlook.





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@Joe_Luxford I'm working on updating my icon list but to the best of my recollection the icons are just updated versions of previous icons.  Which ones do you need identified? 

@Diane Poremsky 

Thanks for responding to my question.  I appreciate that.  Can you please point me to a recent list of the icons that I can download and I can then list the ones that I don't quite understand?


I downloaded the attached list in 2015.  It was the most current that I could find then.  I think the icons have been through two iterations since then.  Hence my futile search for a similar list that showed the icons used now in Outlook 365/2019.