Logitech Scroll Pauses Before Moving List

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Recently I've had a problem with the scroll wheel on my M705 Logitech mouse.


If the inbox, or any other area like deleted, has more entries than fit on the screen, and I move the mouse wheel to scroll up or down, the screen will paus 2 to 5 seconds before reacting to the request.  This only happens in Outlook of Microsoft 365 and none of the other Microsoft applications or any other applications.  


Trouble shooting steps:

1. Tried several other mice with the same results.

2.  Reinstalled the Unifying software with no effect on the mouse.

3.  I have installed several other mice with the same effect with one being generic.

4.  The onboard glide pad works just fine, but I rarely use it since my standard computer activity is on a keyboard or use of the mouse.

5.  I have reformatted and reinstalled Windows and programs 3 times.  The last time I thought I finally fixed it, but it started again after 3 days.  

6.  I thought it might be McAfee, so uninstalled all components, but the problem continues.

7.  Below environment has been the same for 4 years with no material change, including software.



Product number - 1KT19UA

Product name - HP ENVY - 17m-ae111dx

Microprocessor - 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-8550U Processor (2b) ; Quad-Core

Docking station with two external monitors


I will appreciate any ideas or request for information I may have omitted.



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The problem was an add-in, which was strange because I've been using that add-in for over 10 years.