Locking one calendar to top in overlay/ Making appointsments in only one but viewing 2 calendars

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I use my official work calendar as well as a "private work" calendar (for timeslotting projects, recurring but flexible personal jobs, reminders and so on) and view them both in an overlay-view. Great so far!


Problem is that it's not very noticeable for me what calendar is "active/on top" in overview. That means I often make an event meant for my officiel calendar in the "private work" calendar. This is problematic because this calendar is private to others and apparently doesn't receive or respond to calendar responses in the same way my official does. Moving the event to the official calendar afterwards makes it a weird copy version, meaning I often have to redo the event. This happens 3-8 times a day, and is a great nuisance to me.


Is there any way to "lock" my official as the top calendar?

Or a way to limit or hinder accidently making appointments in my "private work" calendar?


Thanks in advance for your help and guidance :)

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