Locked out of old Hotmail email

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Almost 20 years ago I had a Hotmail account, I cannot for the life of me remember the password and now due to too many login attempts I’m locked out.. I was young and I don’t remember the info I used for it. It’s connected to an account on a site I’m trying to get into and it is sending my recovery email to this locked Hotmail account… is there anyone I can talk to to get access to the account? Let them know what type of emails it’s gotten and such? 

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The Microsoft account recovery process is automated, so neither Community users, Microsoft moderators, nor Microsoft live support will be able to assist in the process. However, here are some useful resources.


·        I can't sign in to my Microsoft account - Microsoft Support

·        Help with the Microsoft account recovery form - Microsoft Support

·        How to recover a hacked or compromised Microsoft account - Microsoft Support


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