Locked out of Hotmail Account - Urgently Need Help to Recover - Please help!

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Hi, I have lost access to my Hotmail account in October last year.


Since October last year, I have been trying to recover my account but to no avail. I keep submitting the the request form over and over again without any progress.


I keep getting an email that says "We recently received a request to recover your Microsoft account a****@hotmail.com. Unfortunately, our automated system has determined that the information you provided was not sufficient for us to validate your account ownership."


Please, I can't keep getting this automated response all the time.


For your kind information:


1. I created this account a long time ago in the late 90s - maybe between 1996 to 1999, I really cant remember because it was so long ago.

2. The account has been my primary account since then until October 2023 when i lost access due to key-in the wrong password due to a lapse in memory & judgement.


3. The problem during the initial recover is further compounded due to me not having access to the following:
a. Phone number in use during the Hotmail account registration/creation
b. alternate email in use during Hotmail registration/creation


I don't have access to these anymore.


4. As I mentioned earlier, the online account recovery request process is really not helping me at all. When filling the form, apart from my birthdate and email, there are other information i cannot remember as it has been a very very very long time since I created this account.


5. The only thing i can do prove that this Hotmail account was actively used as my primary account is probably quote a list of emails received and sent out:

a. The last email received is 16 October 2023; timestamped at 8:52 PM

b. The last email sent out is date 13 October 2023; time stamped 5:10 PM


I really need some help with this. Microsoft's automated process is not helping - it's swiftly shutting me down in my process to secure my access to my Hotmail account.


Please, I really help as this account is linked to some key services and social platforms.


Please, somebody, please tell me how I can get some proper support beyond the automated process.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.





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Finally! After so many persistent tries, I have managed to get access to my hotmail account.

I guess the diffrence was being able to include my skype sign details - I completely forgot I had a skype account where a majority of my friends were still using their live:xxx address/name.

I had to reach out to many of my friends to see if they had me on skype and some common contact list. It Paid off!

Thank you Microsoft Outlook Team!