Locked Out of Account

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My neighbour has their hotmail account locked for 24hrs after we tried to recover it (suspicious activity).  I suspect that when they try again the same thing will happen because they only one set of answers to the questions asked.  At this point I said they will probably have to speak to someone as I am not the owner of the account and quite rightly - I be a 'hacker' In the event that they are continued to be locked out who would they call?   I have tried all night to find a UK telephone number for them to ring but so far have had no luck.  They are a home user, do not have a microsoft 365 account (this keeps coming up), and not a business.  In terms of microsoft products/services they have nothing apart from a hotmail.com account.  At some point they are going to have to speak to somebody but who is it?  Any advice on a UK telephone number they can ring for help, or what they have to do, would be greatly appreciated.

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