Location based Outlook filtering rules

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Dear community, 


I'm using extensive rule-based email filtering to remove all emails from my inbox that does not require my immediate attention. 


With Covid, one new stream of emails are that of pre-entry forms to get access to my office or other places. I would like to create a rule that moves the email and mark it as read based on my location. 

In other words, if I'm in the city where my office is: put the email in my inbox, else, put it in another folder and mark it as read. 

Is there any way to create a filtering rule based on my current location? 


Thanks in advance, 

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There is no way to do that automatically but you could create the rule and turn it on and off. If you use a different computer / Outlook desktop profile, the rule could be 'for this computer only' and would only run when you use that profile.

Hi @DonRL,

as Diana said, there is no way to do that natively, but in case you run your Outlook against Exchange online  (Office 365), you can create a Power Automate flow that will do what you want.

Google for "Power Automate" and "location trigger" to start. 

I  did not think of that!


Thanks! @Victor Ivanidze