Link Preview in Outlook Online incorrectly displays metadata for links, and is inconsistent

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When I type out a URL in Outlook online (chrome or edge) it auto displays the link unusually. 

The link's title shows up and then it is filled with various characters as the description. This does not happen in teams, social media, or other formats.  What is this? Why is this happening?

OWA-link i ssues.jpg


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NOTE: When I type it out on Facebook, Linkedin, etc. the link preview is correct. When I type it out in Outlook Online, it is like it cannot grab the correct description. Is something wrong in Outlook online that fails to understand link meta descriptions? Today's description is entirely different and now it grabs it from the testimonials, and not the actual SEO meta description. Can this be fixed? IS it an OG image issue that Outlook doesn't understand? We build websites and our client is extremely frustrated that every time they send the link, it previews strange. They do not like having to turn off preview.

Hey you ever get this fixed? I'm having the same issue!