Limit Shared Calendar View to One Year

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Regarding the Shared Calendar, is there something in the permission (that I missed) that will limit the readers to only see, for example, just one year - From January 2019 to December 2019? Thank you.

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That kind of depends on your definition of shared calendar. If you have granted permissions on the calendar via Outlook, PowerShell or the Share button, the entire range is shared. If you have Published the calendar, you can select a specific timeframe.

I tried to publish a test calendar to be shared and I didn't see any option for a specific date range to share. What I want to do is to share just our 2019 department calendar. I don't want people seeing the 2020 yet.

Sorry, should have mentioned that you need to adjust this via PowerShell, via the Set-MailboxCalendarFolder cmdlet and the PublishDateRangeFrom/To parameters: