LIKE: what's the point?

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So, when you're on Outlook on, you can LIKE an email, but what's the point, when no-one knows that you liked it?  Works great in Teams, but it needs to work in Outlook too, or you might as well remove it.  The point of a Like is to save you from having to reply.  Liking a message that you then delete or archive serves no purposes, unless you're going to search for Liked messages, and who would ever do that?


Please send a notification to someone when their message is 'Liked' (doesn't have to be an email---just something like a pop-up saying "Paul liked your message".



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No point if you ask me, but millennials seem to love this :D


Anyway, no actual "message" notification is sent, but you do get a visual indicator when a message has been liked, as well as the list of people who have liked it. Read for example here:

Why would an email you've sent be in your own Inbox for you to see how many people have liked it? And, of course, this is Outlook on the web---not Outlook on your PC, which all our staff use.
As I said, it would be better for a notification to appear, eg, Gillian Liked your Email. It should appear when Outlook opens or, if Outlook is already running, when the person likes it. OR, Outlook could have an Activity tab, like TEAMS, that shows you a list of Likes, etc.