Latest version with a wrong menu bar

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The latest version of Outlook for Mac 2016, version 15.28, display the menu bar in English and not in Italian.

See image...

How can solve it?



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This is an issue known to affect the InsiderFast build and the Outlook for Mac product team is working to fix it.

Thank you for the quick reply :)
You're welcome :)

How many days to fix this simple problem? :)


Your question is perfectly reasonable if you are looking from your point of view, but the developers have different points of view. They should prioritize their work and first fix the most important issues, not the simplest ones. When deciding how "important" is an issue, they are most likely looking at how many users are affected by the issue, how badly are they impacted, how difficult it is to fix, etc, etc.
For this specific issue we know that only a small subset of users are impacted, the ones using the InsiderFast branch and only if they are using a localized version of the product. We also know that the functionality of the product is not impaired by such a great measure.