Latest Outlook mobile (June 11th) for Android Enterprise missing app config

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It appears that the recent June update of Outlook for Android Enterprise does not include the app config.  I'm using MobileIron MDM and do not see the app config being populated when enabled the Outlook app for Android Enterprise.  Is this an unexpected bug?

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@DTran_MI   We are seeing the same behavior.

@rw-kaceGlad to hear I am not alone.  I did run a curl from the MDM system against other Android Enterprise apps which they do return correct app config as expected, except for the current Outlook app for Android.  I think this latest release might have had the app config pulled/missing from the xml/schema.

@DTran_MI That matches what we are seeing as well.  All other Android apps that supported managed configs still do.  Hopefully this is something Microsoft patches soon.  I'm hoping it is just an oversight on their part.

Microsoft Support has acknowledged that this is their issue.
Latest update:
"Issue: After the new update in Outlook Android (4.1.98), the API call does not seem to work, and the issue seems to be related to the android:resource="@xml/app_restrictions which seem to be removed/unreachable with the new update."