Keychain Password?

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Often I find that I'll be prompted to enter my keychain password to launch an Office 365 app such as Outlook or OneNote (as indicated by the attached window shot). I can't figure out what my "login" keychain password is -- I've repeatedly entered my system PW or the two Google PWs for each email account I've set up, then click ALWAYS ALLOW, DENY, or ALLOW, only to see the dialog box redisplay, prompting me for the mystery PW. After clicking one of the options multiple times, the window disappears, and I'm eventually able to access the desired app.

What can I do to resolve this annoying problem? Thank you!

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The same issue. Have an error, EDGE is trying to use Keychain. How to stop using Keychain at all ? I am having EDGE for M1. Having a message, there is option deny, but the message coming back ?