Junk Mail folder no longer gets any mail.

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Note: Behavior is the same on both Desktop & OWA.


Couple of weeks ago I started getting absolutely no junk mail at all.  Typically I would average 10-15 a day.  Then suddenly nothing at all was showing up in the Junk Folder. If I flagged an email 'Mark as Junk' it would simply disappear.  I know this seems like a weird complaint, but here is the rub; there are always those false positives that we all get.  Someone sends you an email you want and it ends up in the junk.  If it is a frequent communicator you add them to the safe senders.

  • No I do not have any rules that would affect sorting of the email.  I have zero rules at all.
  • No I do not have a 100K deep list of blocked senders.
  • No on the desktop version I do not have the 'immediately delete junk setting'. I deleted the Desktop profile for the affected account on the off chance there was something funky going on.
  • Outlook.com does not have a setting for immediately delete junk.  There isn't even a Junk stringency setting that I can find.

I have tried multiple avenues for support and they have been completely useless, ranging from 'Aren't you lucky you have no junk email' to 'not me try them'.

One support person even said 'sounds like a server issue you should try them' and they had no clue how to get hold of anyone that could handle a potential server issue.

I have tried 'Feedback' in the online version with zero response.

[Apologize if this seems like a rant, but I pay for Premium and am wildly frustrated at the abysmal support']


Finally working through 'Twitter O365' they sent me here.


Grasping at straws here:


This 'seemed' to happen at around the same time I made an alias and made it the primary.

Also about the same time used the 'Subscription Manager' to unsubscribe to 20+.

Highly doubt this has any relevance, but you never know.


I am at my wits end.

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