Issues with profile cards?

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after upgrading office from 2013 -> 2019 users are experiencing hangs in Outlook. These last for up to half an hour.


It's most notable when using the search for people box and opening a user. The first tab, 'Contact', loads delayed, but it's usually loaded within a minute.


The second tab, "Organization", is horrible though. Outlook might freeze for up to 30 minutes more or less. This seems to depend a lot on how many people are related to the person of the card in question. Non-managers go quite a bit faster. Once the information is shown tabs can be clicked without issues, until the card is closed.


Any ideas what might be causing this? Think it's related to some security settings with regard to the cloud.

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@FreakyNL Hi Freaky,
Did you find some answer to your profil card issue ?
I have the same problem in my organization after the update from Office 2016 to 365.