Issues with outlook meeting invitations

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Hi, I have never had this issue before but for some reason every time I either modify a meeting time, delete a meeting or move the meeting date, Outlook updates my calendar but not the recipients. For example, if I change a date or time or delete the meeting all together, the original invite stays on their calendar and outlook sends them a whole new invite or leaves the meeting on the original date unless they delete it. ( if I set a meeting for Friday from 9 - 10 but change the time from 9 - 1030 and send the update, the recipient now has 2 meetings on their calendar, one from 9 - 10 and 1 from 9 - 1030. )


I have tried everything I come across online but this doesn't even leave me the option to delete all meetings and resend invites because it wont automatically delete the invite from their calendar. 

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