Issue with Outlook Rules after Latest Office Update on MacBook

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Hello everyone,


I hope you're all doing well. I'm reaching out to the community for some guidance on a problem I've encountered after the recent Office update on my MacBook. I'm hoping some of you might have experienced something similar and could offer some advice.


Here's the issue: After the most recent Office update, I noticed that the rules in Outlook have been disabled. This has created some inconvenience for me, as these rules were an integral part of my workflow. Now, I'm in a bit of a dilemma regarding whether I should proceed with updating Outlook or not.


Currently, I have managed to get the rules working in legacy mode, which is a temporary solution. However, I'm concerned about the long-term viability of this approach. If the issue continues, I'm considering updating Office to the latest version, hoping that it will ensure uninterrupted rule functioning even in legacy mode.


For reference, my MacBook is a 2021 model running OS Ventura 13.4, and I'm using MS Office Version 17.73 under an MS O365 subscription.


I'm reaching out to the forum to seek your advice and insights. Has anyone else encountered a similar problem after the Office update? What course of action would you recommend in this situation? I greatly value your experiences and suggestions and would be thankful for any help you can provide.


Thank you in advance for your assistance. Your input will be highly appreciated.


Best regards,

Syed Shah Faisal

Karachi, Pakistan

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Unless Microsoft decides to make the rules as robust in New Outlook as they are in the current native client, then there isn’t an option.

You might find a AddOn that some how adds rules as an online process. But remember it can’t be legacy COM add in. It has to be the web ( version of an add in.

I would suggest researching any version of Outlook before letting the Office Updater install an update or before installing an update to Outlook for the App Store. I absolutely refuse New Outlook on both MacOS and on Windows.

There isn’t a group policy option for MacOS. But if you’re an IT admin you might have the ability to lock it down wirh InTune or a similar endpoint configuration system.