Issue with new emails being moved back to my inbox instead of staying in their assigned folder

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I have been having an issue with emails being moved back to my inbox. Basically, I have a large folder selection where I organize email types for work. Once emails come in to my inbox, I move them to the appropriate folder based on the topic. The issue I'm having is that every time there is a reply, a new email, etc. it goes BACK to my inbox and I have to manually move it again. The original previous messages/thread stay in the folder they were assigned to, but the new email/thread is in my inbox, and I have to move it again. I have messages set up so they whole conversation is tied together/connected.


Is there a way to have the messages stay in the folder once the first message is assigned (i.e. any replies to the message go there automatically)? I would prefer to not make rules since it means i would have to make a new rule or edit the rule for every new vendor, etc. I talk to.


I'm (unfortunately) using "New Outlook" so I'm not sure if it's an issue with that. I don't remember having this issue previously. Thanks!

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