Is this possible? sharing contacts and tasks using IMAP accounts and Android device?

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I've used Outlook Desktop for years, and am looking for a way to keep my email, contacts, calendar and tasks in sync between my desktop and my phone. I've recently installed the Outlook app on my phone, and have successfully setup a couple of my email accounts using IMAP.


I can't find any way to setup syncing of the other items (contacts, etc) using Outlook client, so I'm not sure if I'm missing the functionality, or if it's just not available for IMAP accounts.


(I use IMAP to keep everything in sync amongst devices, but it seems Outlook doesn't like IMAP and limits functionality when using it)

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YES - Is this possible? The fact that there are no replies here tell me it is either super easy - or impossible.

What a great question - has anyone had any luck either making this work - or exploring all options to find it DOES NOT WORK?

I have the same problem. EMAIL is hosted on a regular ISP via IMAP.

I use Outlook "Desktop" - I have multiple IMAP accounts - this works great for my clients and regular email functionality. But there are contacts I use on my old computer that HAVE NOT shown up on my new computer. is something I refuse to use. Is that a dumb decision?

In testing, it failed to meet my expectations and I have no patience with new products like this in their "early" years - i much prefer the maturity of Outlook 2019 etc.

There seems to be no easy way to share contact information between 2 computers via IMAP or file copying.

Pls advise (@justinchase) has anyone has any experience solving - or failing to solve - this problem.


Geof Day

@GeofDayThe only solution I've found so far involves installing a different program to manage this.


MyPhoneExplorer has worked well for me to keep my contacts, tasks, calendar, calls, messages and notes in sync on my computer and my Android phone.  It also keep photos and other files in sync, if you wish.  I believe it does all this with the free app, but I paid for the premium long ago because I've found it so useful.


My reason for creating this post was to hopefully be able to remove one more app from my life.  With Microsoft offering the full office suite on Android now, it just seems like this should be 'built-in' functionality.  Unfortunately, it seems Microsoft is more interested in forcing me to use more of their ecosystem (exchange server) than I wish to, or am even able to.  I cannot move from my IMAP provider for a number of reasons, so unless or until Microsoft make this possible, I will keep happily using MyPhoneExplorer for this situation.


Please let me know if you find any other solution.