Is there any relationship between Outlook's contacts and Android's Messages contacts?

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Last week there was an update to my Samsung S10. That update has lost a lot of my contacts in Messages, the SMS app. This is a real pain.


I had thought that there was some relationship between the Contacts in Outlook and what's on my phone. I have Office 365. So, I had thought that this couldn't happen. Now I'm wondering, is there no relationship at all between the Android Messages contacts and Outlook Contacts?

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@Rod Falanga 

You can sync your contacts from the Outlook app to the native Android Contacts list.

In the Outlook app;
Settings-> tap on your Office 365 or account-> enable: Sync contacts

@Robert Sparnaaij I just discovered something I didn't see before on my phone. The Outlook app on my phone lost my Microsoft email account at!


WHY DID IT DO THAT????????????????


Clearly, that has a lot, perhaps everything to do with my losing my contacts in the Android Messages app.