Is there an order on how rules are applied?

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Hi All, 


I just have a couple questions.


I have 3 rules:

Rule 1: If I send an email to move email to XYZ folder

Rule 2: Auto CC myself on all emails I send

Rule 3: Any email from Rule 2 to be moved to MYSELF folder


So basically I'm running into the issue, where Rule 1 applies, but Rule 3 doesn't.

So if I send an email to, it would apply Rule 1 and Rule 2, so as a result of Rule 2, the email will be sent into the XYZ Folder instead instead of having Rule 3 applied to move it to the MYSELF folder.


I know I can adjust the order of rules (using the up/down arrows) but I do not know if that controls the "Priority" of the rules (ie if Rule 3 is at the top, it would take priority over Rule 1 and Rule 2) and if Rule 2 is at the bottom, if Rule 2 is least priority.


Hopefully my question makes sense.


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