Is the People app and at all related?

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I realize I might be posting this question in the wrong forum. Sorry, if so. It looked the closest to what I wanted to ask.


I've created a distribution list in - the People part. However, when I bring up the Windows 10 People app and search for the distribution list - it ain't there.


Why is that? It's like they're not even using the same database.

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They both are integrated and synced across all devices you are signed into with your account :) Cheers !! Ankit Shukla

@ankit shuklaHmmm. OK, I'll take your word for it, but I still don't understand how the Windows 10 People app, which I have connected to my account/contacts; and the People have differences. What is the cause of those differences?

@Rod Falanga 


I'm with you.  I can't see any of the outlook products being synced as far as contacts/people/or whatever name you give it in the product your in.  My wife has totally disappeared from my contacts but I can still email her.  What a mess!